What would your charity do with £4,000?

Provide training for your staff? Put on an extra event for your service users? Fund a new part time worker? Last year In Kind Direct, one of The Prince's Charities, helped charities in its network to save an average of £3,995 each by providing access to the essential supplies that not for profits need to run their services. Visit the Directory of Social Change website to find out more:,S4XV,29I7I3,2A8FY,1

Let schools find you on the new VCS Hub

Voluntary and community sector organisations - Do you offer extra-curricular activities to KS1, KS2 or KS3 pupils, or to SEN pupils up to age 16?
If so, you are invited to register your organisation on the VCS Hub (a new extra-curricular database). Schools can then find out about the extra-curricular activities you offer and commission your services.
Registration on the VCS Hub is FREE until September 2012.
(The VCS Hub is part of the Learning Exchange, an online community of extra-curricular practitioners. Membership of the Learning Exchange is included when you register.)
You will enjoy many benefits as a member of the VCS Hub and Learning Exchange. Visit the website at:  or download a poster here


Over2Hills - Solves the problem of redundant office furniture. The furniture they receive will will either be passed on to 'not for profit' organisations or recycled. Get more information from:

Free Goods Available to Community Groups

Giving World Online (GWO) is a not-for-profit scheme set up to help to community groups and charities access free surplus goods from businesses and organisations whilst at the same time helping reduce the amount of goods sent to landfill. For more information visit the website at:

Free Online Advertising Available from Google Grants (UK)

Registered charities can apply to the Google grants programme, for in-kind support that translates into free advertising through Google Adwords - an online self-managed advertising programme. Google Grants is a unique in-kind donation programme that awards free AdWords advertising to selected charitable organisations. We support organisations that share our philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy and the arts. The Google grants programme empowers non-profit organisations to achieve their goals by helping them promote their website via advertising on Google. Google AdWord ads appear when users search on Google. When you click one of the ads, you are brought to the website being advertised. Applications can be made at any time. Visit the website to find out more:

Free CRB checks

The Youth Association don't only work with young people; part of what they do is help volunteers and groups overcome financial and bureaucratic hurdles, such as CRB checks (FREE for associates) and much more. To find out more about free CRB checks, visit the website at:

Microsoft offers more free products to charities

Microsoft has increased the number of free products charities can receive from it each year from six to 10, using tt-Exchange service, which helps charities to access free software. Products include Windows 7 operating system, Office 2010 and most other main software packages produced by the company. Charities will also be able to put in requests as often as they like to tt-Exchange, instead of being limited to one request a year. They will be able to request up to 50 copies of each product and will be charged a small administration fee for each request.

Student Cash Point

Student Cash Point is a FREE website designed to help students find the funding they need to cover the costs of going to college and university. It's the UK's most comprehensive source of information on student grants, loans, bursaries, scholarships and awards - that's hundreds of millions of pounds worth of FREE money on offer every year! Students can register for FREE and find out what money they might be eligible for. Visit the website top find out more.