Why should my organisation join the Young Lives Framework?

Developing partnerships is key to the future of the sector. Government planning for children and young people, applying for funding, finding out what is available, commissioning of services etc are all getting more complex. It is difficult to keep up to date with everything that is going on, the processes involved, and what is available for your organisation.

What do Young Lives offer their members?

  • Access to timely information on services, developments, funding, training and workforce opportunities via the weekly E-Bulletin, networks, and themed events
  • Opportunity to participate in partnerships, drawing on expertise across the sectors to share and develop best practice
  • Low cost or free workforce training including safeguarding training (please head to our Training section for a full breakdown of each training we offer and the Events section for upcoming training)
  • Facilitating skill shares between member organisations
  • Promoting equality and diversity to ensure that all groups are involved