Young Lives Poverty Special

In 1979 Professor Townsend said that institutions controlling the transmission, growth and distribution of resources were responsible for poverty, together with the hierarchy of social classes, which institutional structures bring about.  He believed poverty could not be defeated because the systems reflected public beliefs and attitudes towards the poor and their rights (Townsend, 1979).  In March 1999 Tony Blair said his government would end child poverty in 20 years and half it in ten years.  'Our historic aim will be for ours to be the first generation to end child poverty'.  He said welfare was about giving people a hand up not a hand out, services not just cash, childcare as well as child benefit and training not just benefits.  Welfare should be a springboard to success, not a safety net.  Fifteen years on from Tony Blair's statement how are we doing? Young Lives Poverty Special is a selection of recent reports and articles followed by older information and useful websites if you would like to research more about poverty.  Download the Young Lives Poverty Special

The poverty trap

The Children's Society has launched a new online game which shows the reality of
living below the breadline.

 The Poverty Trap

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