Adversity, Trauma and Resilience Fellowship: Exploring young people’s experiences transitioning to adult mental health services

Word from Amy, our Community Builder: 

As part of my research fellowship, I have created questionnaires to gain further understanding of what it’s like for young people finishing CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) and moving on to get support from adult services, as well as what it is like for family members and/or carers supporting them throughout this.

The aim is to find out what is working well and any areas along this process that need improving, whilst co-creating with young people possible suggestions that can help make the process the best it can be. The information gathered will be shared with commissioners, mental health service leads, and practitioners at the end of my fellowship. My hope is that it will feed it into making positive changes and improving experiences for young people going forward.


For more information about the project and how the information gathered will be used please read the Participation Information Sheet below.


If you would prefer to meet me in person to talk through your experiences please contact me on:


Exploring young people’s experiences with drugs, alcohol and mental health